Places to visit in the San Jose – San Francisco Bay Area.
August 31, 2022
by Lance

For travel distances, all locations are centered on Saratoga, CA. For those of you familiar with the Bay Area, you know that distances are less important than travel time, which can be quite nonlinear. For estimating driving times, Google Maps is your friend.

My perspective on the best of the best

♦ Recommended

♦♦ Highly recommended 


The Bay Area is known for its fantastic wine.

  • ♦ Napa Valley (105 miles)
  • ♦ Sonoma (135 miles)
  • Carmel Valley (85 miles)
  • Pasa Robles (160 miles)
  • and many other great wineries that are somewhat closer, e.g.,
  • K&L wine merchants



  • Art galleries in Carmel by the Sea (70 to 80 miles)
  • Gallery 24 in Los Gatos (5 miles)
  • Stanford (17 miles)
  • DeYoung Museum

For Kids

San Francisco

Golden Gate


Walks and Hikes

California is justly famous for its natural wonders


These days, most National and State Parks require reservations long in advance