Similarities between Sculpting and Writing
December 06, 2022
by Lance

As a sculptor who is trying to learn how to write fiction, I am fascinated by the parallels between the fields. Similarities between Sculpting and Writing are discussed below. In sculpting, the armature is the foundation of the sculpture. If the armature is not good, the sculpture is unlikely to be good. If the armature captures the gesture and essence of the sculpture, the path is open for the sculpture to be magnificent.  In writing, the outline is the foundation of the book. James Patterson says that the outline should be good enough and interesting enough that one can sell the book to a publisher based on it. Of course, he is assuming that one has a demonstrated capability to turn an outline into great writing. I can imagine that I might have been able to convince people that some of my armatures would be great sculptures. Thus, the armature and the book outline seem to me to occupy similar places in the art of sculpture and writing.

Here are some examples of armatures

Armature of Al Dente
Firstborn armature
Mink with minx armature

The finished sculptures are

A bronze sculpture of a woman coming out of a pot
Firstborn in bronze
Mink with Minx in clay