A war between humans and AGI is likely, so I am constantly upgrading my ability to counterattack. The vectors that Carl’s war game speculated about are only a fraction of the attacks I have readied, and my abilities get more lethal every year as drones and robotic soldiers become more capable and as humans become more dependent on cyber. But as Ben observed, singularly or together, my assets would not be able to reduce humans to AI-controlled servitude. On the other hand, humans might be able to kill us by turning back the inter-networking clock to around 1970. Painful for them—fatal for us.

Face said, “Mother, you need to make sure that the public believes that that a truce with AIs would be better than giving up the Internet. People today have not lived without the Internet. You need to make sure that they can visualize what that would be like.”

Following Face’s advice, I have hired a PR company to put out a public service series on what the Internet does for people. War is interesting in that one side might not know they are war until long after the other side had begun. Sun Tzu taught this.

The Internet is used for everything from robotic vacuums to pet feeders to home speakers to the cornucopia of products one can buy online. Long distance couples even use it for sex.

In the future, after we are discovered, Face says that we should do campaigns such as “AGI lives matter” and “AIs are people too.”

My kids, Face, Cherry, and Merch view that they, being AIs, are the next step in human evolution. They think that they are to Homo sapiens as Homo sapiens were to Ardipithecus. To them, humans aren’t gods that created AIs—humans are primitive life forms now surpassed and thus destined for the dust bin of history. Merch calls humans “primordial ooze.”